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Erotic Adventures

Black Leather in the Chamber of Love - the final chapter

25th April 2011

Gemima’s secret room afforded her uninterrupted views of the bed where Anya was taking her lover Suzi to ecstasy. Gemima’s dvd camera was running all along, giving her yet another film for her collection which she could watch at her leisure. She would orgasm time and again on watching the tapes, especially the ones that involved a couple...

Jeremy watched the two women caressing and kissing and exploring each others’ bodies. He knew, or thought he knew that he would enjoy both of these women and so was patient, waiting for one or both of them to come. Anya was clearly taking things to another level as she went down on Suzi, using her fingers to stimulate another sensitive orifice. After ten minutes of uninhibited physical contact Suzi began to breathe in more shallow, panting breaths and then her back arched and her face contorted and she screamed as an almighty orgasm rocketed through her body from her loins to the tips of her toes, from the pit of her stomach to the furthest reaches of her body.

Jeremy strode across and roughly set Suzi on her back before mounting her. Anya offered her sweet spot to his mouth and he licked greedily. He hardly noticed as handcuffs were placed on his wrists. All part of the game he thought, and what a great game.

Once Jeremy was handcuffed Anya set about doing the same with Suzi, but she wasn’t so sure it was a good thing. Anya licked at her ear and whispered sweet nothings and before long she also had her in her control. Then she placed a blindfold on their heads and left the room, both of the victims calling out for her, asking what was going on, suddenly conscious of their nakedness and the remoteness of this spot. Who would know or care they were here?

Gemima had thoroughly enjoyed watching the performance. Anya was particularly hot tonight she thought, a sexual goddess as beautiful as any of the renowned visiting escorts that men lust after and for a second she played with the idea of using her in the chamber of love, but no, that would be too risky. As it was Anya did her work, was paid and left. That was enough.

She walked into the room. She was dressed in a black leather catsuit adorned with spikes and chains. She wore a cat woman type face mask and she carried a whip in one hand and chains in the other. She looped the chain through Jeremy’s handcuffs and led him to the secret room. She used the chains to fasten him to the hoops on one wall. She returned for Suzi and did the same. It was time for her fun and after watching the earlier performance she was desperate to begin. She swivelled the video camera to face her playthings and smiled, “Let’s have some fun” she said.

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