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Erotic Adventures

Breakfast at Tiffany's with Marilyn Manson

14th February 2011

An Impossible Celebrity Couples site was featured in the news last week. The idea is simple, take a modern day celebrity and team them up with a star from an earlier age. The trick is to find expressions, clothes and people that match. It’s a very interesting view. The photographs have appeared on the site BuzzFeed dot com, a site whose raison d’être is to: “feature the kind of things you’d want to pass along to your friends: an outrageous video that’s about to go viral, an obscure subculture breaking into the mainstream, a juicy bit of gossip that everyone at the office will be talking about tomorrow, or an ordinary guy having his glorious 15-minutes of fame. And when you read BuzzFeed, you’ll always know the movies, music, and products that are on the rise and worth your time.”

The photographs are great. Scarlett Johansen features strongly, in one picture she is alongside a young Paul Newman and in another a very pretty and youthful Gary Cooper. She’d need to watch out for Gary as he had a reputation for sleeping with his leading ladies.

Angelina Jolie is teamed with Elvis in what for me is an unsatisfying photograph, not least because it makes the King look like he has mental issues and Ange looks, as she increasingly does, sexless, androgynous. Of course given Elvis’s pretty boy/girl look that may have been the intention.

The gorgeous Catherine Zeta Jones is paired with Robert Vaughan of Man from Uncle and The Magnificent Seven fame. Interestingly her father in law, Kirk Douglas is pictured with Halle Berry. Now why didn’t they pair Catherine and Kirk? Now that would have got Michael hot under the collar I think!

My favourite photograph is George Clooney with the adorable Grace Kelly. Like Gary Cooper, Grace had a reputation for a massive sexual appetite which she fed using co-stars. In fact Gary and Grace had an affair on the set of High Noon, when the fifty one year old Cooper seduced the twenty three year old Kelly or was it vice versa?

Looking at the online gallery of gorgeous girls at Bedfordshire Escorts I can imagine myself pictured with all of them! Me and my roguish charm, the escorts with their vivacious beauty and fun loving personalities. An ideal match!

Other photographs featured include Ann Margret and Tom Cruise (she would have eaten him alive...), a fabulous Humphrey Bogart/Drew Barrymore combo, Gwen Stefani and Charlie Chaplin and Gregory Peck with Jessica Simpson. In all there are a total of twenty one photographs of imaginary couples. If only it could be done for real.

My least favourite? - The very improbable Marilyn Manson and Breakfast at Tiffany’s sublime Audrey Hepburn. Not a good look!