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Budget Blues

24th March 2011

And so it’s that time of year again, no not my annual birthday sex party but the budget. When I was younger I used to avoid listening to stuff like this like the plague but now, older and not much wiser I understand just how much George Osborne’s speech will matter to so many millions of people up and down the country. In days of yore one would listen out for how much the tax was going up on fags and booze, petrol and value added tax but the ramifications now are so huge that there will no doubt be thousands listening to the entire package of measures with interest.

I’m not convinced by the scale of the spending cuts. I’m no economist but I read somewhere that the national debt of Great Britain has been higher in two hundred of the past two hundred and fifty years – so why such a massive squeeze now? To get a mortgage at the minute you need a very hefty deposit – twenty to thirty per cent appears to be the norm if you want a half decent rate of interest. I noticed that a mortgage where the deposit was only ten per cent had a rate twice as bad as one with a deposit of twenty per cent. It must be incredibly hard for first time buyers and those on a low income. Though I guess it’s hard on people generally.

The good news is that Bedfordshire Escorts remain excellent value. Our beautiful blonde, Caribbean, European and busty escorts are all something that should be budgeted for – what price a good time. After all, we only live once as the saying goes and when we’re gone, we’re gone. So, my motto is enjoy it now, live for today and tomorrow will take care of itself. Oops, I sound like a noughties banker handing out sub-prime mortgages like salmon and cucumber sandwiches at a village fete. Still, the chaps of Bedford, Dunstable, Flitwick and Bedfordshire generally are happy folk!

Well, what can we expect from today’s budget? It’s nailed on that wines, beers and spirits will all be hit with increased duty – though I think the Chancellor needs to be careful. Just how much booze is now being sold that has been smuggled in? The same with cigarettes and cigars, absolute certainties to increase in price. Alongside that? Well, fuel looks set to be spared – too much of a political risk to raise the tax on petrol even further at a time when one hundred and thirty five pence a litre at the pumps has become the bench mark! Air duty will probably be hit again – this is one tax that really irritates, why should the poor be priced out of a holiday?

Whatever happens it is certain we will be out of pocket.

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