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Erotic Adventures

Business Class Romp - part 2

6th May 2011

Then he turned me round and bent me over the washbasin, passionately thrusting deep into me and bringing me to orgasm. I then got on my knees and took him in my mouth until he too came. It was a fantastic, fabulous experience.

We vowed to talk about our fantasies some more later – I couldn't wait to hear his and he said he would guarantee to make my second and third fantasies come true as well. He retired to his business class lounging seat and caught some sleep. I walked to the rear of the plane as if nothing had happened, though I'm sure I had a healthy glow by this time, and I reaquainted myself with my colleagues.

A little over an hour later a light went on in the cabin crew's area – it was a passenger requesting service. I noted the seat number and told my colleagues that I would attend to it. As you will no doubt have guessed it was Paul. He patted the seat next to him and I sat. Is it time to tell me your fantasy I asked? No, he said, it's time to tell me your second fantasy. For a moment I wanted to object but there was something seriously sexy about all of this – I was being used and indulged in equal measure, what's not to like I thought.

And so against what should have been my better judgement I told Paul my second favourite fantasy. It involved one of the other cabin girls, a slim, dark haired young girl called Maria. She had only been on the crew for a few weeks and I knew very little about her but what I did know was that she was the first woman I had wanted sexually.

“You won't be able to make this fantasy a reality” I said. He just smiled. When we were about to get ready for landing Paul asked if I would join him at his hotel for a drink and sex. I agreed and told him I would be there in an hour or so.

When I arrived I discovered a fantastic five star hotel. I took the lift to his penthouse suite and knocked on the door. Paul answered, wearing only a robe. He was towelling his hair suggesting he had been in the shower.

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