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Erotic Adventures

Carnal pleasures of a hot Bedfordshire girl

2nd February 2012

When Amy walked out of the bathroom having taken a quick shower she looked delicious. She was wrapped in a fluffy white towel which covered her torso but revealed plenty of her slim and toned legs. And with her hair pinned up I was also taken by the beauty of her long neck. I could feel the desire rising in me, a heat in the pit of my stomach and an ache in my groin. She glanced at me as she stepped into the room, enjoying my undivided attention. She bathed in my obvious attraction to her and playfully skipped about the room, delaying the inevitable and teasing me to distraction.

I had decided that this episode would not feature on the ‘sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour’ website. Tonight I wouldn’t be the hot Bedfordshire girl on a mission to capture my erotic adventures on camera and share them with my busty escort friends. If the sexy Bedfordshire Escort Pam, my partner in crime was having a sex fest tonight and impressing the Bedfordshire Escorts then so be it. Tonight I intended to give an intimate sensual massage and to take my time with the sweet, nubile, ravishing young American.

I was rarely surprised when it came to sex but Amy managed the trick. She climbed across the bed on all fours, purring like a cat, and rubbing her body over mine as I lay propped up against a pillow. I was wearing only a bra and panties and the touch of the wet towel chilled and stimulated in equal measure. I couldn’t wait for bare skin against skin though and so I pushed against the towel and it slipped off the girl, her breathing becoming deeper as her passion rose.

Pinning me down with her hands clasped over my wrists Amy kissed me on the face, my eyes, my forehead and neck before her mouth reached mine. I was desperate for her lips and I strained against her surprisingly strong grip. Then she lay to one side trapping my right arm beneath her body and using her now free left hand to loop around my neck and take over the job of restraining my left arm. This gave Amy free access to my body. With a hand now available she explored every inch of my stomach and hips, my breasts and sides. She unhooked the clasp of my bra and removed it and immediately got to work on kissing my breasts and nipples. I had made love with hot Bedfordshire girls before but never with this intensity. This felt like the real thing and not just some charade for a third party’s benefit. I lay back and enjoyed the amazing sensations flooding through my body, and pleased that this was one secret I had kept from the cheap Bedfordshire Escorts...