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Erotic Adventures

Chamber of love - part deux

21st April 2011

Next door to the large living space or what Gemima called the seduction chamber was a very large sized bedroom though the entry was concealed behind a large bookcase in the hall. The bookcase was in fact on easy sliding rails and once a hidden flick was switched it would slide along to reveal the entrance door to the room.

The room contained a two way mirror which afforded Gemima an uninterrupted view of the seduction chamber next door. It was elaborately and exquisitely furnished for what was in fact a torture chamber – and that was the second and third things she enjoyed, auditioning the chosen lovers to determine who was worthy of actual physical contact with her and then bringing them here to this her special place where the real fun could begin – and the huge Emperor sized four poster bed was covered in the most luxurious blanketing, with velvet drapes hanging to the sides. The floor was solid oak with large fur throw in front of a wood burning fire which was kept lit most of the time.  A chaise longue covered in the finest of silk fabrics adorned the space.

All around the room were various devices for sexual torture. There were hoops of steel securely fastened to each wall at ankle, shoulder and above head height. There was a similar fixing in the ceiling and chains hung down from this one and reached almost to the floor. There were various machines fitted with devices for penetration. There were Gemima’s ‘tools of love’ set out across a table, including dildos, whips, clamps, oils and chains... The subtle and restrained lighting in the room was tinged with colours, mostly red and green giving it an unearthly glow.

Tonight Gemima felt she had struck gold. She had encountered a gorgeous young couple in their early twenties at a local bar. Suzi was an absolute peach, with a great figure and a beautiful toothy smile, like one of those gorgeous English Escorts. Her blonde locks framed her pretty face and her tight clothes emphasised her firm breasts and rounded bottom. Her partner Jeremy was a conceited, arrogant prick but he was cute enough and it was clear that he worked out regularly, his shirt was slim fit and emphasised the V shape of his back, as well as his strong chest.

She could tell straight away that Jeremy was a player. Despite his having a beautiful woman sitting right next to him his greedy eyes darted about and followed this girl and the next and the next. Suzi appeared oblivious to his actions and at one point he even managed to pull a girl into his lap whilst Suzi was powdering her nose in the restrooms.

To be continued.

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