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Erotic Adventures

Chanel - bored and unfulfilled

16th May 2011

Back in London Chanel found herself bored and unfulfilled, her life a void. How could she move on having experienced the sexual thrills of her lifetime, having enjoyed her three deepest and darkest fantasies. She needed to explore anew, but what? She considered going online but that would not be visceral enough, would lack the immediacy she desperately sought. After a great deal of thought and deliberation she decided she would have to get out and about and what better way to see what was on offer than to visit a sex club.

But as a woman she would be viewed as strange – why enter such a male world if you were not one of the performers? She had done that already and did not want to repeat the experience lest it be a disappointment. She decided that she would have to disguise herself – become a man and see this world from the point of view of men.

She had been well rewarded for her performance at the club – each wealthy and powerful individual she had entertained had given her a tip of over five thousand pounds – they had not believed Ivan and Paul when they had been told that it was for real and that she had simply wanted to experience one of her fantasies, they enjoyed the set up but didn't believe it for a moment and wanted to reward this girl who had given them such an unforgettable performance and encore...

She set about shopping for the right clothes. Clearly she needed to disguise her shape and so she chose a suit, coat and leather shoes that would give off an air of affluence but would not attract too much attention. A fedora and a fake 'tache and she even began to see herself as a man when she looked in the mirror.

She practised walking around her place, trying to adopt a man's gait, trying to lose her naturally feminine and sexy sashay. It was difficult at first but having watched a number of movies starring Mel Gibson she began to feel that she was believable. Her movements were heavier, more leaden. She slouched to disguise her curvaceous breasts and she dropped her chin. The only problem was her hair so she decided to have it cut short. With that done, she felt she was ready. It would soon be time to try out her theory.

To be continued.

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