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Erotic Adventures

Chanel 7, the allure of forbidden pleasures

13th May 2011

Chanel approached the door to the VIP room with a little trepidation and a lot of sexual excitement. She felt as turned on as she had ever been and relished each and every moment as she neared what would be the performance and the sexual adventure of her life. She had some idea what to expect as the club owner, Ivan had explained some of the dynamics of the room, including the fact that there would be up to eight very wealthy men present. She had set the rules with Ivan – no man was to touch her unless she touched them first.

She reached out for the door’s handle and paused only momentarily before she opened it and strode confidently in. The room was dark, illuminated only by a number of discrete lamps and a variety of church style candles. The music she had requested was playing and incense hung in the air. She could see the outline of the men arranged in large, comfortable sedan chairs around the room. She felt their eyes upon her and this served to increase her excitement. She felt confident, desired, wanted. She knew that each and every man would want her physically and she had decided that some of them would today enjoy that experience...

Once at the dance floor Chanel began to gyrate her hips and writhe in an erotic, highly sexually charged way, caressing her own buttocks and breasts, licking her lips, throwing her hair around with abandon and providing each and every man with a full view of her exquisite body. You could feel the crackle of sexual energy in the room, so highly charged was her performance.

And then she reached out and touched one man at random and he didn’t need a second invitation. He pulled her to him and she sat astride, riding his exposed manhood, gently rocking back and forth. As she did so she touched the man to her left and he rose and began to kiss her neck and fondle her breasts. With this she touched a third man to her right and he undid his fly and she grasped him in her hand, pleasuring him slowly and well.

Before long every man in the room rose and Chanel was laid on the floor with each man taking it in turns to make love to her. She would feel several pairs of hands on her body, various mouths, stiff manhoods prodding at her exposed flesh. The experience was over in less than an hour but had felt like an eternity. She had never been so aroused or so satisfied.

Ivan and Paul watched from the shadows and agreed that they too would enjoy her that night.

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