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Erotic Adventures

Chanel's business class romp - part 5

11th May 2011

Chanel took her ipod to the music played and plugged it in before walking to the centre of the room giving Stewart a fantastic view of her toned ass. And then she began to dance to the music. He couldn't believe his eyes. Her confidence, her sultry and sexy moves amazed and aroused him and he longed to take her. As she danced she occasionally approached him and each time he thought he was about to get what he wanted but she stayed elusively out of reach. His mouth was dry in anticipation.

The way her hips moved. The way her breasts undulated. The way her eyes entranced his. She was the ultimate seductress and no woman had ever turned him on in this way before. But, man, he wanted her and she was just a tease! His frustration grew as she performed her erotic routine, part lap dancer, part seductress. She stretched her arms above her head and entwined her hands, suggestive of bondage. She ran her fingers through her soft and silky hair. She cupped her breasts and spun three hundred and sixty degrees giving him the wonderful but elusive full view of her gorgeous torso. As she danced she licked her lips. The way she grinded her hips drove him crazy and time and again she would approach only to stop short of giving him what he wanted.

Chanel thoroughly enjoyed herself though she realised that when she did this for ‘real’ it was unlikely that those viewing would be restrained. What if they wanted her she thought and then reconciled herself to the thought. She had gone this far in the quest to fulfil her sexual fantasies – she knew that she had to go all the way now, whatever happened and she determined to enjoy it no matter what.

After a full fifteen minutes of bumping and grinding, provocative looks and self caresses the music ended and she dressed quickly, taking the ipod and leaving the apartment, but not before leaving the keys to the handcuffs within reach of Stewart who tried in vain to release himself before she left, hoping there would be one last chance to enjoy the untold pleasures of her flesh, pleasures that had been so cruelly denied him. He cursed as the door slammed shut and then decided the only option was to pleasure himself, he knew following her performance that it wouldn’t be half bad...

To be continued.

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