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Erotic Adventures

Come into my parlour said the spider.... the mad Marquis returns!

11th June 2011

De Sade’s latest work was yet to be published, it was entitled ‘Philosophy in the Bedroom’ and he was pleased with how it was progressing. Given that he himself had been imprisoned for many of the acts that he describes with relish it was his own little way of getting back at the powers that be – recruit followers. His libertine philosophies were catching on, he knew, and many practised if not preached his ways.

He knew that the girl was falling for him and he judged the time was right to give to her a first lesson in physical love, that very afternoon, in his chambers.

Maxine met with De Sade once more in the beautiful wild flower garden and she was surprised to see that there were no guards present. He explained that he was only spending a short time at Charenton, due to a business rival having drummed up false charges against him, that he was no danger and the guards all knew that he would be on his way – perhaps in a day or two he said gently and wisely.

This news stung her – what if he was to leave and there was no further contact. She had chosen him as her groom, just he did not know it yet, and he had to make the moves. But he would think he was too old for her would he not? Oh, the agony, she exclaimed inwardly.

Of course the guards had simply been bribed to stay away. And de Sade had more surprises lined up for Maxine but before his plans could become a reality he had to convince her to enter his chambers with him, an act that would defy convention of polite society. He decided to keep things simple, uncomplicated, the lack of any obvious artifice would make his lies more compelling.

“I need to rest on something that has some give to it” he declared, “a comfortable chair beside a roaring fire, some foodstuffs and some water... but dear lady, I do enjoy your company so and do not want to be so ungallant as to leave you out here in a chill breeze. That would be so ungentlemanly of me that I would chastise myself for some time. Please, do join me for afternoon tea...”

To be continued tomorrow when the spider tries to tempt the fly into his parlour.

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