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Erotic Adventures

Conspiracy Theory

10th April 2011

Why do people consider you to be some kind of freak or lunatic if you believe in conspiracy theories? Personally I think this is in itself a conspiracy. Clearly the best way to conceal a conspiracy is to ridicule anyone who might pose any difficult questions? So, the conundrum, the riddle, the puzzle, the Gordian knot of proving a conspiracy theory begins with having to get past this clever hurdle first of all before anyone will countenance listening to your arguments, even if they are the most cogent, well thought out and solid ideas.

I was watching the movie Conspiracy Theory starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts and I found it quite fascinating. On the surface it is an action movie about a man who has been the victim of mind control and who tries in vain to get others to understand his predicament and buy into his reality. However, as a victim of mind control he exhibits all sorts of 'challenging behaviours' and he hardly comes across as the most sane person around, thus undermining his position yet further. He has an attraction to Julia Roberts which we as the audience view as bordering on stalking and of course this is part of the in joke – we know in our hearts that Mel is a good guy and that he will in the end be proved right but it is all about appearances – history is in the hands of the victor after all.

Julia is a District Attorney and she suffers Mel's behaviour because he saved her life – little does she know or understand just how he came to be in a position to actually save her life. He was trained as an assassin and was supposed to murder her father, he could not go through with it.

In life, like in the movie it is all about perception. What do the powers that be want you to think? how do they distract you from the truth? What is their motive for doing this?

Well, the motive is quite simple. Life is about three things: money, power and sex. An unholy trinity that has been fed and sustained by lies, murder and war. Who cares what David Beckham does on a Sunday afternoon? Who gives a toss about Katy Perry? Is religion the opium of the masses as Marx opined? Post general election, does anyone really think David Cameron thinks we're all in this together? I don't.

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