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Erotic Adventures

Cute Corinna gives Perseus wings

5th October 2011

Perseus arrived at Marathon, twenty six miles to the south of Athens dirty and tired after his three day trek across the arid landscape of Greece. He had seen few travellers on his journey, the games had begun days earlier and so he was one of the stragglers, the late arrivals who would struggle for accommodation in the bustling town during its four yearly Olympiad. He was eager to see the athletes in action but first he needed to wash and put on some clean clothes. Fortunately Acrisius had showered him with gold and his purse could have bought a third of the city let alone a bed and a toga though he still flinched at the price he was quoted for a modest lodging in the heart of the town. The landlady though, made up for any qualms about the price.

She was a more mature woman than Perseus usually went for, all of thirty years of age he estimated. She was a dark haired, buxom beauty and made the most of her assets in a figure hugging toga with a plunging neckline. It was so white it dazzled in the sun. She was tall and slim, her ankles and calves very soft and sexy and the way that she laughed was so adorable that he almost felt his heart melt, though it was another organ that was the most responsive.

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Perseus was tempted to attempt a seduction there and then but he noted the man sitting in the corner of the reception area, reading from a thick sheet of papyrus, the ancient Greek word originating from the capyrus papyrus plant. The man’s attention was not really on his reading but was instead he was surreptitiously watching the young demi-god and his interactions with the woman. When Perseus politely asked her name and added ‘beautiful’ when she responded Corinna and explained that she had been named after the famous poet of the sixth century b.c the man’s face literally reddened and a suppressed rage could be discerned in his eyes.

Corinna grew anxious and whispered to Perseus that her husband was present and so he should be discreet in his flattery. Perseus responded by saying he would be anything but discreet unless the girl agreed to meet him for some kykeon later – a drink consisting mainly of water and barley but with something of a kick. She nodded without her husband noticing and quickly scribbled a note.

Corinna was to meet him later, was this to be yet another erotic adventure for the over sexed half man half god!

Continued tomorrow, here at Bedfordshire escorts.