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Erotic Adventures

Danger for the lusty Danielle in the house of sin and sorrow

31st August 2011

Danielle had appropriated a perfect disguise, the blue dress so different in colour and design to the one that she had worn earlier. Like her own dress it was haute couture but had a much more daring and modern look, with its high bust line concealing most of her assets but the bare area at her lower back revealing the initial curve of her majestic buttocks. The mask was singularly different as well and was much larger, covering a greater proportion of her face. Her hair had been held up and so she spent a few minutes in the washroom letting her hair down and arranging it in a style that she had never worn before, all wild and free. Finally she washed her wrist and neck and applied some of the perfume that was in the washroom, an average costing scent that she would not normally have been seen dead in but which was perfect for the deception she had planned out in her head for this evening.

She was confident that Hyde would not recognise her as she tip toed towards the cellar. Hyde had entered the first room on the right, with three young beauties in tow. When she reached the door Danielle tried the handle, as carefully and as quietly as she could manage. The door opened slightly and she tried to peer in. All that confronted her was pitch blackness. Confused she blinked several times assuming it was just that her eyes were not accustomed to the limited light but to no avail. She reached out a hand in front of her and quickly recoiled. She had touched something, soft and warm, a deep fabric, velvet she concluded. There was a curtain around the doorway?

Danielle ran fingers across the cloth in an attempt to find an opening. After a full minute she managed to locate the seam of one curtain and she drew it back ever so slowly for danger of alerting the mercurial Hyde, who would not respond well to any kind of snooping she knew all too well and would most probably tell her to keep away from him or he might even beat her savagely – his predilections were well known to the young innocent. Still, she could not resist the urge inside her to know about his deepest and darkest secrets, his depravities and desires. She wanted to share his tastes, his freedom to behave just as he wanted, without fear nor regard to consequences.

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