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Erotic Adventures

Delicious in diamante

12th February 2013

The car arrived on the dot at eight pm. I wondered if Genevieve’s father was driving but as usual there was no sign of him, as I approached the door automatically swung open, controlled from the driver’s seat. I was wearing a comfortable onesie, pumps and had my hair up in a tidy bun. I clutched the bag with the ‘costume’, my make-up and high heeled shoes. I would get changed at the house.

I had also brought along a little something extra, a device I had purchased from a local shop where a male friend of mine worked. I say ‘purchased’ but actually it was borrowed, the miniature transmitting camera far too expensive for me on my basic, meagre salary. After my last experience I was determined to record everything that happened to me. I was not convinced by Desmond’s explanation about my having simply fainted due to the excitement and the smoky room. I believed that there was something in the smoke and in fact I had begun to wonder why I was wearing a half face mask when everyone else was wearing a full mask. Did they have some kind of filter system. Had I been drugged?

I had fastened the camera on to my face mask. It looked like a sparkling piece of glass and so fitted in perfectly with the diamante design. My only worry would be that the mask was removed and discarded, though I suspected that even if it was it would be returned to me just like last time.

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