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Erotic Adventures

Discover the sensual secret

16th January 2014

I’ve never been all that good at chatting up beautiful woman. I get a little tongue tied in the presence of a confident and alluring model with come to bed eyes and a body that has ‘sin’ written all over it. I’ve tried some techniques to alleviate the problem though with varied success. First of all I tried practising some well-worn chat up lines, memorising and then reciting them to the less than impressed girl. I soon discovered you see that ‘well-worn’ means over used and if a girl has already heard a line before she is less likely to succumb to your attempted seduction than if you can come up with something witty and original. A little research and I discovered that sexy ladies like a man to be spontaneous, witty and ready to engage in a ‘grown up’ conversation whatever that might be. Apparently we have to be simultaneously in touch with both our own feelings and theirs! Try that when you have had a few pints! I then tried going to some special interest clubs including a ‘book review discussion group’ and a salsa class. I figured in the book class I could spout stuff I’d read on the internet and in the salsa class I would be judged on actions not words. I won’t waste time describing the results except to say that you need to read up on post-feminist critical theory for the former and be able to move in time to the rhythm of some bizarre music for the latter. But then I discovered the secret to sensual success – call Bedfordshire Escorts or Hertfordshire Escorts. No one will judge you on your wit or wisdom, your moves or grooves. Your escort will be attentive, fun loving and everything you dreamed she would be. Why waste time when you can simply pick up a phone and then have a stunning escort wing her way directly to you!