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Erotic Adventures

Dr Sex's Bare Bodkin

19th May 2011

I was sitting at the bar of an exclusive wine bar in central London. The object of my affection, Julia sat nearby. I had just recited an extract from the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet and I knew that my magic words would bear fruit... I just loved every single, wonderful moment, the anticipation of my success at the forefront of my mind. My mouth was dry in anticipation of what was to come. I was hated by the other men in the bar for my obvious early success. If they only knew of my secret weapon, I thought.

You see Julia had an intense, obsessive passion for the bard and before each session of lovemaking she expected her men to recite verbatim some passage or other appropriate to the occasion. Romeo and Juliet was her favourite play and I had gone straight for the jugular. It was like flicking a switch with her and it was now only a matter of time before I would be enjoying her fine body and by all accounts she was an absolute animal in bed. I couldn't wait to find out if the reports were indeed true.

It didn’t take long. She leant over towards me and as she whispered in my ear, telling me how attractive she found me, I was taken aback as her right hand landed on my thigh before ascending to its intended destination, my crotch. Julia was certainly forward I mused, her confidence as intoxicating as a fine wine. I was immediately aroused.

“Follow me to the washroom” she whispered. I duly obliged and before long we were in the ladies washroom of the wine bar. We entered a cubicle, which was a tight squeeze and she hitched her skirt, revealing black stockings with embroidered elasticised tops to keep them aloft. Her skirt inched upwards still and black, silk, tiny panties revealed themselves. She placed one of her stilletoed feet on the toilet seat and pulled me firmly towards her.

As I leant in and hurriedly undid my zipper I could hear a noise and then a door opened, there was someone else in the washroom! This appeared to make no impression on Julia, she was hungry for me. I pulled at her panties and they snapped easily. I pushed the ripped panty hose in my pocket, they would be my trophy of the evening I decided, a sexy keepsake that would help me relive the moment in my imagination.

To be continued.

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Erotic Adventures.