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Erotic Adventures

Eat Yourself Thin

21st March 2011

Many of us are desperate to lose weight and we will go to just about any measures to achieve that weight loss. A good few of us slave away in the gym, pumping iron and pounding the treadmill for miles and endless miles whilst dreaming about pizza and beer – or is that just me? Others try to find the holy grail of personal fitness and weight loss, the quick and painless win. You will have seen the adverts on the various shopping channels – “just ten minutes a day and you too can have a body like Daniel Craig/Megan Fox etc...” – where nubile women and six packed men stand on some machine or other and undertake what looks to be the easiest exercise regimen ever. We know it doesn’t work, we are not stupid! But, how many of us fall for it and send our twenty nine pounds twenty nine pence in six easy instalments? Go on, admit it! I once bought a slendertone stomach working pad which sent tingling electrical signals straight to my abdominal muscles and I used it religiously for months – still had more of a party pack than a six pack when I’d finished (and I knew in my heart of hearts that a daily beer or two wasn’t helping me to attain my ‘goal’...). I’d been fooling myself really and perhaps the self delusion is part of the game – feel better because you are ‘doing something’ and so deserve the treats you are stuffing down each day? Pounding the streets of Houghton Regis, Leighton Buzzard and Luton is what is needed! How else do the beautiful brunette escorts keep their great shape?

Yet others take more radical steps, either costly, dangerous or both. Take the new craze for electronic liposuction where ultra violet rays are used to break down fat cells which are then flushed away using the bodies natural systems. Some people say it works wonders, others are not so convinced but one thing is for certain, it doesn’t come cheap. At several hundred pounds for a course of ‘treatment’ it can quickly empty the bank balance. Then there is actual surgical procedure – I didn’t realise how many fatalities there are as a result of gastric bands!

But now the ultimate in weight loss! Eat cake and you too can have a figure to rival the loveliest of visiting escorts, pop stars or actors... These new so called “slimmers’ cakes” are set to hit the shelves of Britain soon. They contain a magic ingredient.... chilli. Chillies are well known for their ability to raise the metabolism and help to burn calories faster and also the main ingredient in Cucumin is said to be really effective too. I live in hope of not having to go to the gym on a rainy Tuesday but weight loss without toning isn’t that attractive and so I think I will have to use the exercise bike for a while longer...

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