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Erotic Adventures

Erotic adventures of the best escorts in Bedfordshire

6th December 2011

Dressed in the satin suspender body I felt the sexiest girl in the room, though there were plenty of hot German chicks about the place, as well as some gorgeous American girls doing all they could to let their hair down on a raunchy holiday. I had got into a conversation with two of them as they waited at the bar for a drink. I had been eyeing the sublime beauty who at that very moment was being taken alternately by two well muscled guys dressed in the ‘uniform’ of domination, black leather chaps and face mask combined with big leather and steel adorned boots and with plenty of straps and chains hanging from their body. One of the guys had a nipple piercing and from it hung a thin silver chain attached to a riding crop. Beats using a pocket I suppose... Anyway I was thoroughly enjoying the show and took the trouble to take a naughty picture and send it to my friends, the Bedfordshire escorts back home who were following my ‘Sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour’ sex action and were also suggesting some of the hot and horny antics that I was getting up to. When Lucy, one of the best escorts in Bedfordshire sent me a text back it simply said “Wow! You have to sleep with that girl... she is adorable... Good luck x”.

I was thinking of a plan of action when I felt one of the thin straps around my waist being pulled. My outfit consisted of one two inch vertical strap and three horizontal straps, one across my pelvis, one around my waist and the third around my chest, covering my nipples. With only this garment and my high heels I looked as hot as hot can be and I knew it. And it seems that the two American girls knew it too. They were dressed in more conservative lingerie than I was. One of the girls, Amy, was wearing a fur trimmed baby doll that displayed the beautiful shape of her ass to perfection. The other girl, Tammy, wore a corset and bustierre combo that accentuated her delicious curves and emphasised the ‘unwrapping’ that would be required if you took the beauty to bed. Now that would be a fun present at xmas...

I wheeled around at the tug on my underwear and was greeted with Amy and Tammy’s smiling faces. The sexy girls had clearly had quite a bit to drink and were going through the happy phase of their alcoholic consumption of the evening. They introduced themselves and asked me about my outfit, where I was from and did I not feel self conscious and what did I think of the club. I told the babes that I was a Bedfordshire girl and on a ‘sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour’ voyage of sexual discovery and that shocked them, Tammy in particular, and even more so when I said I was one of the best escorts in Bedfordshire enjoying erotic adventures whilst I wass still young and nubile. It was clear that the girls were rubbernecking rather than intending to enjoy themselves sexually and that seemed phoney to me and I told them so. Tammy wasn’t interested in my comments and stormed off but Amy seemed a little abashed and I could see that my point had hit the target. She cosied up even closer to me and soon her lips were on mine. Clearly Amy had decided to be a naughty girl for once...