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Erotic Adventures

Fembido to the rescue!

16th February 2011

There can hardly be a man alive who isn’t aware of the wonder that is the ‘little blue pill’ (or pink if the stuff I bought in Thailand is anything to go by). Viagra revolutionised the sex lives of many a man experiencing a little bit of trouble in the trouser department. Erectile dysfunction is the most terrible thing that can happen to the male of the species, worse than having you limbs amputated one by one without anaesthetic. Worse than having to drink red hot liquid gold through a straw. Worse even than having to watch the Eastenders omnibus. Yes, that bad. And so, when the boffins came up with Viagra (can you imagine what fun they had in the testing phase?!!) many men heaved  a huge sigh of relief, and then they discovered the price. Total. Bleedin. Rip. Off. Just because it’s sex. Sex sells and nothing sells better than an antidote to wee willy, a soppy floppy or a droopy dick.

But then to the rescue came the cheaper alternatives and there is always someone in the neighbourhood who can get hold of these things and give you a real bargain. Or is there? When buying little blue (or green) pills from the local supplier can you be certain that you are getting what you want rather than what you are paying for? ‘Try before you buy’ anyone? There could be nothing worse than setting up a wonderful evening with a fantastic filly and then you find that you would have been better off buying a lucky bag for all the good that little tablet did you. Sitting there for an hour staring at your old man hoping that he’ll make a comeback to rival Rocky. And nothing happens. Tragedy!

Well, it’s now the turn of women to have a solution to any libido problems. A new drug called Fembido has been released which purportedly increases a woman’s sex drive, increasing sensitivity and boosting orgasms. The pill is available over the internet and at under twenty five quid I can see men buying it as a birthday present for their missus, or will it be the other way around? Probably not. Apparently one in three women in these fair isles has suffered from a loss of sexual appetite – I find that hard to accept as nine out of ten of the women I have dated experienced a loss of sexual appetite and it carried on throughout the entire relationship. Thank the lord for alcohol I say.

The solution to any libido problems I have is simple. I just browse the online gallery of European Escorts and marvel at the magnificent bevy of beauties arrayed before me. Now that’s genuine, straight from nature, organic Viagra as far as I’m concerned.