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Erotic Adventures

Follow Hyde to the depths of desire... and despair

6th September 2011

Danielle had followed Hyde back to his secret lair in Whitechapel. Stepping into the doorway, hidden away in a deserted cobbled side street, she noticed the dim gas lighting and the dank and dark hallway. She stepped gingerly, avoiding the broken glass and discarded clothing that was strewn about her way and she reached a stone stairway that led down into the depths of the building to a great iron door, which lay three inches ajar. Further on there was a staircase leading upwards, a great wooden thing with imposing carved finials. On one side was the terrifying head of some monster or other, fangs bared, nostrils flared and eyes bursting from their sockets – an intense depiction of savagery. On the other side was a gentle looking creature, though what sort of creature Danielle did not know, eyes calm and meek, a comforting pastoral image.

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Danielle assumed that Hyde had descended the stone steps but she was curious as to what the higher floors held. The house was much larger than it had seemed from the outside and as she walked towards the staircase, turning a corner at the end of the hall, she realised that it had a conventional doorway to the main street that faced on to the better, more respectable part of the town.

Walking up the stairs quietly and slowly, one by one, Danielle tried her utmost to be silent but the old timbers were a constant giveaway. Damn, anyone in the entire house would no doubt hear her, she thought! She reached the first floor and noted that the building was now elegant and well kept, with paintings by famous artists such as Whistler adorning the walls along with the heads of various beasts that were no doubt garnered on an African hunting trip. In the eerie lighting she imagined their eyes following her as she trod on her way.

She decided to alight one more flight of stairs and on the next landing she stopped and listened for any sign of life. Then she heard a loud thumping noise behind her as someone strode purposely up the stairs, clearly in a hurry for something. Had she been heard? Danielle slipped into the shadows just in time as a newly reinvigorated post potion Hyde appeared and marched directly to a doorway to her right, flinging open the door and barking orders to whoever was inside. Danielle heard a girl’s husky voice in abeyance of a harsh master’s commands.

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