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Erotic Adventures

Footloose and fancy free

27th June 2012

Jennifer Lopez has always been one of my idols not least because she has never been afraid to make the most of her big booty. There was a time when a larger than average posterior on a woman was something to deride but not anymore and it’s good to see that guys who like a bit of meat on a momma are getting their just deserts. The rise and rise of the whole bootylicious thing has been a joy to behold for those hot girls like me who are slim just about everywhere else but have a nice round rear and like to show it off in skin tight jeans. I get all sorts of admiring glances these days and I’m sure a lot of that is down to sexy women like Beyonce and J-Lo.

Jenny from the block is in her early forties now but could still cut it as a visiting escort, having still the assets (no pun intended), the looks and of course the natural sexiness that a busty escort requires. To ram home her hot girl credentials she is enjoying regular hot sex with a toy boy lover, a full seventeen years her junior. He is a very lucky boy indeed in my opinion and you can only imagine the heat when J-Lo is strutting her sexy stuff in hot lingerie from Victoria’s secret.

She is pictured in the paper this morning in a candid moment as she plays on a beach with her four year old twins. Her young lover is nowhere to be seen, probably lying exhausted in a large four poster bed in their holiday hotel after a night of lusty loving! She looks in great shape and whatever the years eventually do to her world famous body she will always retain her beauty and hopefully those large pouting lips that I long for.

I’m not the only Bedfordshire escort to worship the delectable diva and apart from Beyonce she is probably the girls’ favourite recording artist and performer. The thing that appeals so much, apart from her natural charms, is her sexy confidence. She just oozes sex appeal and has a radiance that is so affecting and hot. As a busty escort beauty I aspire to be as confident and as sexy as the lovely Latino though I do have one advantage in my favour – I am only a mere twenty two years old so I have twenty years on the singer and actress. And as a baby momma she has all sorts of responsibilities that I don’t. I just like to have fun and whilst I would love some of her innate sex appeal I wouldn’t swap places for the world – my life is just one endless party and I intend to enjoy my youth to the full. Bring on my next date, because my heart is up for a good time until it beats no more!