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Erotic Adventures

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25th October 2011

The text from my horny Bedfordshire Escort girl friends back home had been the most amusing yet. I loved the play on Bedfordshire escorts – ‘Bed For Sure’ and I laughed every time I thought of it. My afternoon of passion with the lusty Russians had been scintillating and completely satisfying. I had experienced two external and one internal orgasm as the lusty and beefy guys had taken me in every position known to man and then a few more... I knew that my hot Bedfordshire girl friend Pam would be green with envy when I recounted the tale of my erotic adventures, being taken by one Russian after another and as one waited and rested he recharged his own and the various sex toy’s batteries before giving it to me in yet another hot and horny session of raunchy love making. I was already an uninhibited twenty year old before the guys had enjoyed me but I felt even more so now and I was eager to experiment further, but first I needed a bath and some rest. Alas I had also seen little of Paris except the inside of a Russian émigrés boudoir and I thought to myself that I could not visit the beautiful capital city of France without a walk down the Champs Elysees to see the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. I also wanted to wander along the banks of the Seine, and play the sexy Bedfordshire girl as tourist rather than as rampant female sexual predator. And I needed to sleep with a French guy and/or a French gal too; it wasn’t right enjoying carnal knowledge of Russians in Paris without hitting the bed sheets with a Parisian! LOL.

I arrived back at the hotel and used my key card to enter our room. I was about to shout out to Pam that I was home when I heard the unmistakeable sounds of a woman enjoying sexual pleasure, deep and low moans of ecstasy. It didn’t sound like Pam though. I crept quietly towards the door of Pam’s bedroom, not wanting to disturb the clearly lusty lovers, and I peered through a tiny gap between the door and the doorframe. On the bed was the horny, hot Bedfordshire girl Pam and another ravishing creature whom I could only guess was a maid as she was partly dressed in an archetypal French maid outfit. It was a very sensual, sublimely sexual scene before me, a decadent, erotic assemblage of limbs and lips, fingers and thighs, passion and lustful frenzy...

I stepped away, careful not to disturb the lovers but as I sat in the comfortable armchair in the lounge listening to the sex fest in the next room I couldn’t help pleasuring myself once more... Once satisfied I took a sneaky photo of the lovers on my iPhone and pinged it back across the channel to the hot Bedfordshire Escorts in England, knowing immediately that they would send back some fruity reply... “Allo, allo, I am a sexy French maid and I am looking for a Bedfordshire Escort for hire – do you have some place where I can store my feather duster?” They never failed to raise a smile!