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Erotic Adventures

Getting Down to Business - 3

7th May 2011

I walked in and to my surprise there was another woman there – standing with her back tome and dressed in a flight attendant's uniform not that dissimilar to my own, she had dark hair and the same build as Maria. How had he pulled this off I thought and then she turned and it wasn't Maria at all, though the young woman was just as beautiful and as sexy as my flight attendant colleague.

Without any hesitation she turned and walked over to me and planted a long and smouldering kiss on my lips. Before long we were stripping each other slowly and in time to the sexy music Paul had put on the music system. As we embraced we slowly fell to the floor and lay with each other on the sheepskin rug placed in front of an open fire. We kissed each other all over and used our fingers expertly to take each other to orgasmic heaven.

During all of this Paul just sat back and enjoyed the show. When we had both come he took us both to bed, one hand in each of ours and we lay back on the sumptuous  linen bedding as he began to caress our bodies and shower us with kisses, his longing evident. We in turn pleasured him with our mouths and then took it in turns to ride him, rocking slowly back and forth, enjoying his manhood in all its glory. It was an evening of pure hedonism and now I had satisfied two of my fantasies. I couldn't wait to tell Paul the third.

Later, when Julie (a woman with whom Paul enjoyed a shag buddy relationship and who just happened to have a sister who worked as a flight attendant) had left Paul and I sat together sipping champagne and relaxing after the evening's sexual gymnastics and exertions.

“So” spoke Paul, “just what is your third favourite fantasy?” I told him how I had fantasised about dancing naked in a sex club, surrounded by men who would watch me and desire my body. How I would pick out three men to take me to a private room where they could do with me as they pleased.

He sat quiet for what seemed an eternity and I blushed with the revelation. He had already taken me to sexual heights I had only ever dreamed of, had fulfilled two of my fantasies but this third one was so intimate, so private should I have even shared it?

He smiled and only said “that can be arranged...”

To be continued.

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