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Erotic Adventures

Girls with a naughty side

28th August 2013

Today we continue our series on how to seduce the girl of your dreams by focussing on foreplay.

We have created the right ambience, the music is playing softly in the background, the candles are flickering and the smell of incense hangs in the air. Sitting next to your girl on the living room sofa you are tempted to cut to the chase so that you can have the ultimate of human experiences – sex. Why delay something so sweet, so enlivening, and so invigorating. This is why – you want to make the most of the occasion, you want the sex to be superlative, sensual, intense and fulfilling. And for that you need your partner to be willing to fully let go, to allow the adventurous, naughty girl inside of her to be free of the shackles of socialisation and shyness.

The trick is to delay the inevitable, building up to the moment when you conjoin, creating a tension that is tangible and driving her wild with anticipation. Gaze lovingly into her eyes, whisper sweet nothings, stroke the nape of her neck and blow gently in her ear. Take your time before beginning to caress her neck and arms, small kisses to the back of her neck sending a surge of electrical impulses through her stiffening body. Whatever you do, you must at this stage resist the temptation to reach for her breasts or to stroke her inner thigh. You are in control and like a maestro conducting an orchestra you are taking your girl to giddy heights she has never experienced before!

More on the psychology of sex soon.

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