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Erotic Adventures

Going Dutch - hot Bedfordshire girls on tour

3rd November 2011

Yet another train journey but at least it would be short. I looked across at Pam, her head buried in a book and took a quick glance around the carriage – empty, almost. I had hoped there might be the distraction of a sexy man or a hot girl but it wasn’t to be. For two sexy Bedfordshire girls following the advice of their hot Bedfordshire escort friends it was a disappointing development. I had enjoyed two romps on Eurostar with two very horny guys and I had just expected the trend to continue. One of the rules of our trip was that if we were approached for sex that we would give up our bodies willingly, enjoying an uninhibited trip to the world of sexual freedom and liberation. Another rule was that if we came across someone whom we found attractive that we would approach them for sex, male or female. A third rule was that we must sleep with a native of the country we were staying in and I had come perilously close to failing to comply in France, though one of the guys on the train was a Frenchman so I guess that counts.

The lusty session I enjoyed with Audrey had been something else. After she had given me a lap dance and an all over tonguing in the Parisian sex club we had gone back to her place where she had gone to town with the sex toys, and man did she have a cupboard full! I had come across the basics before but some of the more extreme stuff she put to use was incredibly, intensely erotic and satisfying. By the time she had finished with me I had enjoyed multiple internal orgasms and was thoroughly spent. As a hot Bedfordshire girl I would have made the Bedfordshire Escorts proud!

But now I was bored and the landscape visible from the carriage was becoming ever bleaker and more nondescript. We had passed into Belgium and then into the Netherlands and though I had expected the terrain to be flat, I hadn’t expected it to be so uniform and unappealing. The only thing that cheered me up was the sight of a windmill now and then... “A mouse lived in a windmill...” and all that, the song playing in my head.

Thankfully another fun text pinged in from the Bedfordshire escort beauties who were following our trip, enjoying the salacious gossip and egging us on to further sexual excess. After La Pluriel I wondered what delights, what erotic adventures they would suggest in Amsterdam. The text was entirely predicatable – “I am from Holland and I am looking for a hot Bedfordshire escort for hire with a Dutch cap. If you like a schlong and a pancake give me a toot on your hornsh!” Despite myself I laughed...