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Erotic Adventures

Her Last Tango

9th February 2011

The actress most famous for a scene involving butter died this week. Maria Schneider of the infamous Last Tango in Paris was still in her fifties. French Schneider was embroiled in controversy when she appeared naked and in various taboo busting scenes in the movie, including one scene where butter is used to enable non standard sex to take place. Co-star Marlon Brando had only thought of the scene moments before filming and Schneider later said she felt wrong about it and that she was manipulated on set. The nineteen seventy two movie was actually banned in many countries, for thirty years in Chile!

I remember seeing the film recently and was interested to see what all the fuss was about. It’s an interesting movie and Schneider is certainly very alluring in it. Very attractive and nubile she is charismatic on celluloid and matches the intensity of her internationally famous co-star, Marlon Brando. Her sexiness rivals some of the esteemed beauties of Bedfordshire escorts even!

The plot is quite straightforward if a little unrealistic, certainly if my life is anything to judge by! Brando and Schneider meet in an apartment they are both interested in renting. There is an immediate carnal attraction between the two, despite a thirty year age gap. They become lovers but the newly widowed Brando stipulates that that must not learn each other’s names. The film shows her loving and close relationship with her fiancée and contrasts it to the carnal lust and anonymity of the affair. He breaks the relationship off when he fails to meet her at an agreed rendezvous but then meets her later. By this point the mystery that surrounds him is shattered when he reveals his name, wants to know hers and asks her to marry him. She runs away but he pursues her only for her to fatally shoot him at the apartment where they originally met.

It is a strange film and oddly resists any attempt to create a strong attraction to the flawed characters on the screen.

The sex scenes do have an intensity to them though for lovers of erotic cinema they are few and far between and the scenes are of a short duration. The action is not filmed in an explicit manner – there are no gratuitous shots of breasts or buttocks and there are lots of slow lingering takes and little dialogue. But it is an intriguing and at times sexy movie. Brando earned n Oscar nomination for his portrayal and the moment when he reveals his real, ordinary, boring self to her is very powerful and almost a little humorous.

The film is a study of many things – identity, sexuality, possession of another being, alienation from the ‘real world’ and more. Highly recommended for all cinema lovers.