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Erotic Adventures

Here come the Spartans

23rd September 2011

Andromeda stormed across her room, throwing a small urn at a wall and crunching the delicate blue and white porcelain pieces under her feet. The image on the urn had been of the legendary Greek hero Achilles, winner of the war with Hector, victor like the goddess Nike against the Trojan hordes at the battle of Troy. She didn’t know why she had smashed it. She just wanted to, that’s all. Of course she knew that her dark mood had been brought on by the infuriating fisherman who had saved her from being ravished by two commoners. It hadn’t helped that the rippling torso in the depiction of Achilles had reminded her of the young Greek, though it was his confidence and arrogance that had really gotten under her skin. And she wasn’t used to that – normally she was the haughty aristocrat who demanded servility and adoration. But this, this, this nobody had refused her offer to accompany her to her home and be introduced to the king no less, and he had given her no indication that he found her fulsome charms attractive in any way, shape or form. Oh the ignominy – desired by common labourers and rejected by a common fishermen. Were these the ranks she now plundered for her not inconsiderable sexual needs?

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Andromeda had been feted and courted by all of the most illustrious men of Greece. She had bedded the most virile, most rich and the most famous with abandon. Her sexual stamina and lust for erotic adventure was legendary but now she had found herself ignored by the aristocratic families of Greece, their sons branding her as of easy sexual virtue. They had new ‘it’ girls to pursue, the noted Hellena of Sparta, who it was said could satisfy any man without any physical contact, her sexual beauty was so powerful and all consuming. Then there was Demesnes of Macedonia, a beauty so fierce that she would kill a man after copulation and feed him to her dogs – yet still men flocked to her bedchamber for just that one special night of sexual pleasure, such was her skill at the art of love making.

Yet she, Andromeda, once the most sought after beauty of her age could now only attract the lowest of the low and could be rejected by a fisherman! The insolent and contumely Perseus! She would have him she decreed to no one in particular. Oh yes, she would have him...

At that moment Perseus rolled over to the next of the priestesses of Aphrodite and made passionate love to the willing girl...

Continued soon, another erotic adventure from Bedfordshire escorts.