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Erotic Adventures

Hot Bedfordshire girls enjoy a hot date or two

6th April 2012

The tape had certainly done the trick as far as cementing my sexy reputation but it had also served another purpose, so turning on the assembled mass of hot girls that they rushed straight from the viewing to the nearest night club intent on getting some hot sex action. I had never seen the naughty girls so aroused and keen and given these were highly sexed individuals at the best of times it was a sight to behold!

We walked quickly down the main street in Leighton Buzzard, an all night club our intended destination. We were all dressed to the nines and never has so sexy a group of hot girls been brought together with such a common purpose, to get laid. To the sexy girl we were wearing short skirts, tops with plunging necklines to show off our pert and firm breasts, six inch stiletto heels to raise up and enhance our rounded bottoms and of course sexy stockings aplenty to get the guys going. The hunks in the nightclub just didn’t know what was about to hit them but I’m sure as soon as they did they would be thanking and not cursing the gods!

We arrived at the club and our first challenge was to get in for free. That was easy thanks to the busty escorts Lisa and Tammy who had both dated the same doorman, and at the same time it later transpired though it didn’t ruin their friendship one jot as the sexy escorts were also sharing the same bed with another man as well and so found it all hilarious and just a little naughty which added a certain extra frisson to the sex. Jake let us all join the VIP line and soon we were inside, the throbbing music and lavish art nouveaux decoration of the interior a fitting backdrop to our pursuit of decadent, no strings attached sex.

Each of us sexy Bedfordshire girls then employed our super power – an inbuilt radar that could seek out and engage the most desirable and lusty men in any room, no matter how crowded. To prove the point it took me only a matter of seconds to spot my prey, two rugby player types with tight pants and from what I could see big manhoods to match their  big physiques. The guys were dancing, though actually ‘dancing’ isn’t the right word for what they were doing. It was more like they were swaying, sometimes in time to the music but more often not, their eyes swooping over the dozens of hot Bedfordshire girls including the newly arrived Bedfordshire escorts hoping to get a look of encouragement. When they caught my eye I made clear my intentions and waved the guys towards me...