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Erotic Adventures

Hot Bedfordshire girls enjoy a night of sapphic passion

28th April 2012

Having ditched the loser I was free to hit on the sexy Bedfordshire girl. Felicia had been teasing me all evening and her ambiguous signals were beginning to irritate. At the end of my tether with the ‘will she, won’t she’ messing about I confronted the saucy little minx and made it clear that there were two hot girls involved here not one and she had just as much to gain from a sexual assignation as I, though I didn’t use the word ‘assignation’! LOL. When she realised that she may have just pushed me too far and could be in danger of missing out on one of my much sought after sensual massages her manner changed and suddenly she was all sweetness and light. This upbeat, friendly demeanour also got on my nerves though as now she had swung too far the other way. What had begun as a hot and horny courtship was turning into a damp squib. It’s one of those things isn’t it, the fact that you can just snap into a zone but it’s difficult to snap out of it.

I decided I would play hard ball with the Bedfordshire escort, telling the busty girl that I would see her some other time and that I was off home and to bed. At these words the sexy escort was distraught, her response rather over the top in my opinion but her passion was infectious and I found myself being drawn to her once again. It was like a veil had been lifted as I once more admired her lean and sexy frame, her alluring, come to bed eyes and her radiant smile. I fantasised about running my fingers through her hair as we enjoyed long and lingering wet kisses, Japanese style. I wanted to run my hands all over her cat suit, enjoying its skin tight tautness and the effect my stroking would have on her naked body underneath.

What would you have given to watch the two of us cavorting later that night in a hotel in Bedford, enjoying red hot intercourse, our passion and desire overpowering and destructive as we battled for supremacy between the sheets, each of us determined to have our fill of the other. Two beautiful blonde escorts making love through the night and through the dawn, insatiable and demanding lovers, skilled in the tantric techniques of extended lovemaking and eager to achieve satisfaction. Our bodies covered in sweat, our minds focussed on one thing only, our tongues put to work, we achieved internal orgasms within seconds of each other. Lying in each others’ arms we fell into a deep and dreamless sleep, safe from the cares of the world and our bodies spent...