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Erotic Adventures

Hot Bedfordshire girls European tour

18th October 2011

“Hello my name is Ivan, I am a Cossack and looking for Bedfordshire escorts for hire, do you like it on the steppes...”

We laughed as we read the latest take the Mickey text from our Bedfordshire escort friends back home. We were receiving texts by the hour, supposedly charting our course from Bedfordshire to London to Paris and then on to Amsterdam and across in to Germany before heading down the boot of Italy and taking a ferry across to North Africa... or Cyprus... we hadn’t decided yet. Why our sexy Escorts friends brought a Cossack into the mix was anyone’s guess! We quickly pinged off a text saying we were still in France...

Anyway, we didn’t let the text distract us from ‘our mission’ which was to seek out new sexual conquests and experience the thrill of sex with a stranger on a speeding train. And this time the guy was going to be one lucky so and so as not one but two sexy Bedfordshire girls planned to share the seduction. We had spotted a lone middle aged guy, probably late forties, with long dark shaggy hair and a cool European sense of style, his corduroy jacket and chinos matching perfectly his open necked white shirt and brown suede boots.

And Pierre – as we decided to call him – had also spotted us and watched us in a discreet sort of way, or what he thought was discreet, we could tell he was undressing us both with his eyes and we played up to him, standing on tip toes to look for some imaginary bag and thereby raising the hem of our skirts a couple of inches, revealing young and pert behinds for his delectation and delight!

When we stood next to the washroom and waved to him to come join us he was up like a shot, no second invitation required. Inside the washroom we put on a sexy Bedfordshire girls show for him, kissing and caressing each other. His reaction was explosive, he went off like a panjandrum, grabbing at my breasts, licking at Pam’s exposed neck and shoulders, his eyes popping from his head as he lustily undressed us. It was as though he couldn’t believe his luck and wanted to enjoy us as much as he could before he awoke from a dream or some such! I enjoyed his energetic romping and his enlarged manhood, which was a good size and a pleasing shape. I knelt down on my knees and pleasured the frisky Frenchman whilst he engaged in tongue tennis with my best friend, the hot Bedfordshire girl Pam.

During the erotic adventure a text pinged through – it was the Escorts in Bedfordshire once more: “Hello, this is Michel, I am from gay Paris and looking for a hot Escort for hire, would you like to see my eyeful tower?” But I didn’t have time to check it as my fingers were busy...