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Erotic Adventures

Hot Bedfordshire Girls on Tour 2011!

10th October 2011

I had been planning my gap year for ages and just as I get within touching distance of my dream they go and raise all of the fees and I’m stuck with an impossible decision: enjoy your gap year now and come back to higher fees  or delay the gap year for three or possibly four years and go then, whilst all of my friends are going now. It’s not their fault that they can afford the fees – six thousand pounds difference over a three year period is hardly going to break the bank for their wealthy families but for me, coming from a relatively poor lower middle class family the difference is massive. My parents keep telling me that they never had a ‘gap year’ and I shouldn’t be over dramatic but in my mind it felt like the old adage, it’s now or never.

One thing I have in my favour is my looks. An eighteen year old blonde with a great figure, slim and sexy I have managed to get some work dancing in a local club. I don’t have to go naked, just dance in a swim suit or a bikini and I enjoy the fun atmosphere. Some of the girls also work as Bedfordshire escorts and they tell me it’s a great job, meeting interesting people and basically having a fun and flirty time. I may give it a try but for now I’m focussed on getting away to Europe, Asia and beyond on a gap year to end all gap year. I made my decision and me and Pamela, my best friend, have already bought our inter rail tickets. Two sexy Bedfordshire girls on tour – actually we had some t-shirts printed up with just that on the front and back – ‘Sexy Bedfordshire girl on tour – 2011’.

The money I have made dancing is all thanks to me being a hot Bedfordshire girl, and yet I am to study Business, Mathematics and Economics at University. Geek with chic is my twitter handle as well as my gmail, lol. Anyway, why can’t I have a brain for business and a body for sin as Melanie Griffiths once said in ‘working girl’? Pamela isn’t half bad either. At five foot four she’s quite petite but she is a size two and has fantastic boobs and long legs for her frame. With her shiny black hair and pouting lips she’s like a little porcelain doll. Men absolutely adore her and when the two of us are together and in party mood? Well, all I can say is lock up your sons – and husbands – because the sexy sirens are on the hunt!

Another erotic adventure tomorrow, here at Bedfordshire Escorts.