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Erotic Adventures

Hot Leighton Buzzard Girls on a hero's mind

8th October 2011

The hero Perseus found himself on the island of Crete, home to Medusa. He and his companions had fought many battles, conquered many enemies and survived the worst that the gods could throw at them. They had lost men along the way but now it was time to take a titan’s head and in turn kill the Kraken. He longed about and scanned the faces of his plucky, courageous companions. Bellerophon and Polydectes were the only male survivors and of the nymphomaniacs only two remained, Helen and Hera, two beautiful nymphs who had more than lived up to their name and reputation.

They had been sexier than a Luton escort, more playful and fun than a hot Bedford escort, more loving than a Stotfold escort. They had been affectionate and understanding, had kept him warm at night, and lusty by day, his spirits and a major part of his anatomy kept up by their sensual, erotic behaviour. The nymphs were indeed women beyond equal. When they had relaxed on the beach the girls had run into the sea and emerged soaked to the skin whereupon they had thrown themselves on to the beach, hot Sandy girls, ravishing and exciting. Bedfordshire escorts with a Greek accent!

But now was the moment of truth, a duel to the death with the most feared of the gorgons, three creatures that were half woman, half snake, all killer. They had pythons in place of hair and if Medusa were to make eye contact then you would quickly turn to stone, immortalised forever... Perseus though, had a plan. His first thought was that he needed to act when the gorgon was asleep. Secondly he would use his polished shield, given to him by Acrisius, as his eyes – the reflection of the gorgon held no danger for him, and thirdly he would place the decapitated head of the monster in a thick cloth sack so that he would not kill the population of Argos inadvertently!

He longed for this to be over so that he could return to Andromeda and enjoy lusty sex in Leighton Buzzard, a mountainous region to the North West of the capital. From the ancient papyri he understood that the gorgons slept by day and hunted by night and so, creeping slowly and silently into the cave lair of the monster at three in the afternoon he made his way ever deeper into the shadowy darkness. He listened intently for any sound – the sound of breathing, or shuffling... Silence. And then he heard the terrifying sound he had been dreading....

Concluded tomorrow, the erotic adventure of Perseus, here at Bedfordshire Visiting Escort Services, the home of professional and discrete busty escort beauties.