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Erotic Adventures

How to seduce the adorable Andromeda

19th September 2011

The beauty dressed and invited Perseus to walk with her to the city. He had saved her from a terrible fate yet she had shown little in the way of gratitude, not one statement of thanks had passed her lips. And yet he strangely didn’t mind, not even when she spoke to him as if he were a peasant and she were a queen. In fact her arrogant attitude amused him and he longed for the day when he could prick her bubble and bring her down to earth. Her aloofness and haughtiness must have made her few friends and many enemies amongst the women of Argos he thought.

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As they neared the city she seemed to relax more and it was possible to speak pleasantries, including asking her name. Her reply took him back and he fell to his knees, his heart beating like timpani and his knees weak. There he was, waxing lyrical about the legendary and unparalleled beauty of Andromeda and yet he was with her all along! On reaching the city gates he noted the soldiers’ deferential bows and the eye shrouded admiration of her subjects. He trailed along behind, feeling every inch a second class citizen but determined not to be overly humble or subservient, after all he was not a citizen of Argos and in fact he was the son of a god and as a demi-god he too would soon be shown the respect he deserved.

On reaching the palace Andromeda had picked up a guard of two hoplites, each wearing linothorax armour, Corinthian helmets and carrying a dory, or spear. They also carried a circular shield known as an aspis across their backs, which at thirty pounds in weight hung heavy on their torsos.

Andromeda invited Perseus to share food and wine with her but he declined, knowing that his refusal would only make her want him to stay even more. She was a real beauty, the epitome of desire and he longed to have her, but he was in no hurry to ruin his chances by risking a drunken grope on the first day they had met. No, he would seduce her in the good old fashioned way by first rejecting her veiled advances and then by eliciting extreme jealousy and then by acting passionately and confidently in a romantic situation so that she would swoon and then she would be his and his alone. In the meantime it was time to go chasing her rivals in love, putting the jealousy card to work and having some lusty fun in the meanwhile. Hey girls, there’s a love god in town!

More from the lusty demi-god in another erotic adventure tomorrow, Tuesday, here at Bedfordshire escorts.