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Erotic Adventures

Hyde discovers the limits of love and lust between women

22nd August 2011

The air was heavy with sex, the mood erotic and the lighting from the gas lamps cast an eerie glow around the bedchamber. Hyde had enjoyed the young female aristocrat, her social status and apparent innocence an added frisson to proceedings. He had been taken aback by Danielle’s willingness to experiment with her sexuality in the bedroom and with the role playing that he introduced – though for him it was not play. But he had lost patience with her naive and childish refusal to accept that he was not romantically attached to her and gave no more credence to their love making than he did to a romp with any dirty wench. He would take what he wanted and what he wanted most was sexual excitement and gratification.

However, the bigger shock for Hyde had been that Danielle herself would be such a lusty strumpet when it came to the introduction of Henrietta into the bed she shared with Hyde and she partook of the hot and sweaty sex greedily. He had intended to make a point to Danielle about his sexual proclivities – in his persona of Hyde the doctor’s subconscious had determined to act with absolute honesty and truth, revealing his inner self in all of its scabrous intent. But instead, Danielle was teaching him about her limits – there were none – and she quickly took control of the more experienced courtesan Henrietta as she endeavoured to please Hyde at all costs.

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Hyde’s passion was so enflamed by Danielle that he unleashed all of his urges on the girls and they responded in fashion. He was in his sexual element and so the boundaries kept being pushed, but it was the girls, and Danielle in particular who did the most pushing as they bound each other for him, voraciously devoured his manhood in mouths and bodies, used light whips on each others’ buttocks and sucked on each other’s willing bodies, with tongues and fingers everywhere. The girls were clearly made for each other sexually and Hyde got almost as much pleasure from watching as from taking part. His eyes devoured the two young and nubile bodies as the girls cavorted without shame or inhibition. The two entwined torsos were startlingly erotic and the passion between the girls was clearly genuine. Hyde licked his lips in lustful anticipation.

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