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Erotic Adventures

Hyde's perverse desires know no bounds

11th August 2011

I had taken more of the exotic elixir and once again found myself awaking from a deep sleep unknowing what had occurred during my slumber. The diary was open at the day which covered the night before and I looked at it in a mixture of trepidation and horror. I was desirous of the knowledge of the contents but perturbed by what I might find. Something in my soul told me to resist but I could not help myself. I pulled up a chair and began to read.

“The foolish, pathetic creature that is the doctor has once more set me free to be myself and enjoy my fill of life. I have enough awareness of my state to know that it is temporary and so I must act swiftly, enjoying my fill of life before it will be snatched away once more. I feel light headed, but strong, fearless and incredibly sexually aroused. I need a woman, or three and I need to have her right away. The doctor's frigid wench of a wife is upstairs in bed – why not.

The bedroom is shrouded in darkness and I can hear her stupid voice asking 'is that you dear' and 'come to bed, we must sleep for it is a busy day tomorrow and …' I cut off her voice with a hand across her mouth and pulled her towards me, my tongue drawing a long line up and across her neck, tasting her salty flesh, enjoying the aroma of this woman I was about to ravish. I held her firm and as I sucked and licked on her breasts she moaned softly and I could feel her resistance wane as she allowed herself to be mine. Her passion was intense and it was clear that she longed for the feel of the doctor's hands, had wished him to be more forceful and more passionate, she needed his physical love and he had been too much of a dollard to recognise her needs.

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She was a passionate mare, I will give her that, and clearly her lack of sexual urges has more to do with the pathetic creature that is the doctor than to her own proclivities. It was she who would revive my interest throughout the night, demanding more of me, riding me with abandon, her breasts illuminated by the moon once I had pulled the curtains wide. I knew that there would be others watching and it aroused me to think of this prim and proper woman showing herself in all of her lusty glory. She called me husband so even in the dark she had recognised me. Perhaps it was my scent? I must remember to purchase an entirely new wardrobe and new perfumes so that I may disguise myself better – I do not want to be associated with such a weakling as the fool, Dr Jekyll.

More of the fiendish antics of the devilish Hyde tomorrow in this Erotic Adventure.