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Erotic Adventures

In love? No, in Louvre for the Bedfordshire girls

19th October 2011

The EuroStar arrived at Gare du Nord train station in Paris on time. We alighted, relaxed and aroused from our journey and the naughty things we had been up to with the lusty first class men in the first class compartment. We had certainly lived up to our status as hot Bedfordshire girls and we had changed into our t-shirts for the bus ride to our hotel. Our t-shirts had the legend ‘Sexy Bedfordshire Girls on Tour 2011’ on the front and a picture of an angel with devil’s horns on the back with a logo ‘Sex in Bedfordshire can’t be bettered...’ In pink the shirts certainly stood out!

Our hotel was the De La Valee in the Louvre area of Paris, an inexpensive one star establishment that we chose because of its location, despite the negative reviews on TripAdvisor. When a hotel gets four times as many ‘terrible’ reviews as it does ‘excellent’ then you know what to expect, unfortunately our budget meant that beggars couldn’t be choosers! Anyway, we were two eighteen year old sexy Bedfordshire girls on an erotic adventure weren’t we? The hotel was just a place to sleep having been out for all hours in the backstreet, underground clubs of the most romantic city in the world, Paris! In fact I can’t even say ‘Paris’ I have to say ‘Paree’... LOL.

Pam was shattered and when we arrived at the hotel she showered and hit her bed. The twin room was tiny and I felt cramped and stifled and so I followed her into the shower but changed into a flowery summer dress and some sandals and hit the streets. It was time to do a little sightseeing and as we were near the Louvre what could be better than a visit to one of the world’s most famous art galleries? Before leaving I had done some research and learned that there was an exhibition of artefacts relating to the Macedonia of Alexander the Great. I had enjoyed studying Greek classics such as The Iliad and The Odyssey at School and so I couldn’t wait to see the exhibits.

I arrived at the Louvre and made my way to the ticket office. A combined ticket for the fixed and visiting exhibitions was fourteen Euros which I figured wasn’t that bad. I immediately set off for the Macedonian exhibition and texted my friends back home where I was. The two best friends that Pam and I left behind worked as Bedfordshire escorts for hire and had been sending us cheeky texts every few hours. Their obvious response to my missive was “I am Stavros, do you know where I may find a sexy Bedfordshire escort on tour, I would like to give Donna my kebab...”  It was poor but I still laughed... And then I spotted Dmitri and all thoughts of my Bedfordshire escort friends immediately left my mind.