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Erotic Adventures

Inject some spice into your life

11th July 2012

I have a friend who is constantly checking up on her long term partner, accessing his email account, looking at his texts and going through his call records. She says that it isn’t that she doesn’t trust him but that she just feels better when she knows what he’s been up to. I’m sorry but this kind of behaviour has a name and it’s bunny boiler! I’ve even told her so but the ex visiting escort has stated categorically that she intends to carry on with the practice. When I asked her if her partner knew and if he found out how would he respond she unashamedly said that he didn’t know but if he found out what was he going to do? Leave her? Not a chance looking as sexy as she did. She was just protecting her ‘investment’ as after five years in a relationship she didn’t want some sexy Bedfordshire girl ten years her junior coming along and ruining everything. I did try to explain to her that he wasn’t a commodity and she didn’t own him but my words fell on deaf ears.

Thankfully my friends at Bedfordshire visiting escorts are of my mind set and the sexy escorts agree with me that being possessive is a singularly unattractive trait in a woman, or a man for that matter. I guess that’s why I prefer being single and enjoying dates with clients of the escort agency and I suppose some of the other escorts share my commitment to the young, fun and fancy free ideology!

So it caught my attention when I read that Jamie Oliver’s wife Jools regularly checks her husband’s Twitter, email and phone accounts to make sure that he is not cheating on her! They have been together quite some time so maybe she is afraid of the curse of the seven year itch? But in my opinion unless he has shown some tangible signs that he is up to no good she should leave well alone for much the same reasons I set out above, most notably that he isn’t a possession of hers and he can exercise free will. If he wants to go off with another woman – perhaps he fancies a date with a beautiful blonde escort a brunette escort babe from Bedfordshire escorts! – then that would be his prerogative wouldn’t it? And what is better, checking his digital life to deter him from cheating or investing all that time and effort into making the relationship so hot that he wouldn’t even dream of cooking away…? The former can only make him resentful after all whereas the latter can inject some spice into their sex life and keep romance on the boil.