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Is that a suspect package in your pants?

18th July 2012

In this era of global terrorism you just can’t be too careful and of course with the Olympics about to be in full flow there will undoubtedly be a need to get an even tighter grip on things but the security staff at one airport surely took it too far when they arrested a man simply because he had a very large penis! To be fair he wasn’t so much arrested as detained but what is the world coming too when your manhood can be confused for an explosive package?

Thirty one year old Jonah Falcon was stopped as he attempted to pass through security at San Francisco airport on his way to board a flight to New York. Security staff were suspicious of the extra-large bulge in his pants and he was carefully strip searched before having a white powder sprinkled on his underpants to test for bomb residue. The security guards soon realised their error however when Jonah – who was once profiled in Rolling Stone magazine because of his huge member – revealed his appendage in all of its glory and he was allowed to go on his way. The guards were no doubt red faced following the incident though Jonah took it all in good grace, even though one guard asked him if he had some sort of ‘growth’…

When confronted Jonah had been to the point. He was asked if his pockets were empty and he replied, “yes, it’s my dick”… I have to admit that it has made me rather intrigued and you will find this visiting escort typing “Jonah’s Dick” into Google images when I’ve finished writing today’s visiting escort blogs. I suppose the fact that there was recently an attempt by an ‘underpants bomber’ to blow up a plane (failed thankfully though the guy in question suffered a nasty burn to his suspect package!) means that nowhere is sacred when it comes to a strip search or being frisked by a burly man or woman having been photographed by an x-ray machine.

At least the story brought a smile to the faces of the busty escorts at Bedfordshire visiting escort services, with one blonde escort cheekily stating that she hoped the well hung American would call her for a date! It did make me think I should indulge in my usual practice of asking the English escorts and European escorts to comment on today’s news but in this case I think I will make an exception as the answers may not be suitable for print!

However if any of you guys out there reading this think you can compete with Jonah and have any amusing stories of your own regarding your ‘mini-me’ (or in Jonah’s case ‘maxi-me’) I would love to hear them!