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Erotic Adventures

Jake and the goddess Miranda

27th June 2011

Jake had certainly noticed her now but was it too late he thought? He was a minimum wage monkey with little or no prospects, a dreamer who longed for adventure but who always took the path of least resistance. She would surely take the step up from waiting on tables to performer, he thought? But then his interactions with her over the last month or so since he started work her had led him to believe that she was a loner, someone who didn’t look for the limelight nor look to start conversations or create friendships. She was one strange fish, he thought. But then he added, and so am I...

All eyes continued to be on Miranda as she danced, the voyeurs intoxicated by her sexuality and sensual moves. For a full five minutes they gazed, enrapt, her beauty and presence lighting up the room. When the dance was over she hurried off back stage, relived and exhilarated. She knew now that there would be no shortage of offers for her hand but she despised these shallow people. Where had these men been when she was waiting tables, living in a pod, unknown and unnoticed? Now that she had revealed her sexy side it was different, now they would pay her respect, give her attention but she would shun them all.

It was at this un-fortuitous moment that Jake crept backstage. He wanted to tell her how much he had enjoyed her performance, how he was pleased for her that she had now made a name for herself and would be able to move on from this crummy bar in this crummy town. He knew that he didn’t stand a chance with her himself, he was a nobody.

When he neared the dressing room he saw that she had left the door slightly ajar. It never closed properly and she had probably failed to notice it swing slowly and quietly open when she had entered the room. Through the four inch opening he could see Miranda in a mirror, stripping off the costume that she had worn when bewitching the men with her dancing. Naked she was spectacular, a goddess. Her ski slope breasts and large nipples an amazing turn on, her slender hips and round ass a dream. At that moment he longed to have her. Jake was so in awe, so lustful, so desiring of the beauty that he failed to notice that she had turned and was looking in the mirror at his reflection even as he looked at her.

“If you must look, come inside” she said.

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