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Erotic Adventures

Jasmine and the Doctor - his ultimate challenge!

2nd June 2011

All my time spent chasing the ultimate erotic experiences with willing women was time consuming and oh so expensive. Flights, hotels, time off work... It was beginning to be a drain on my already somewhat stretched finances, enjoying as I did the high life. My tastes though refined were also rather decadent and god forbid I should ever be caught out using case notes to find my next conquest. The thought of being out of work and broke filled me with dread.

But my lust for beautiful women continued unabated. If I had been lying on my very own couch I would have diagnosed acute sex addiction but I found myself powerless to administer treatment. Anyway, life’s too short I thought to myself as I decided it was time to cut my cloth and stay in the London region for my next erotic assignation.

One girl absolutely entranced me but I had shied away as she was not interested in men – Jasmine loved the ladies, and the more the merrier. Her bag was to organise lesbian sex parties which may begin with couples or single finding single but more often than not would end up as a full blown orgy. One of her ex girlfriend I had treated for a loss of libido had recounted the many time she had attended one of Jasmine’s drug and drink fuelled affairs, marvelling at the wilful abandon of those present who would inevitably end up filling a bedroom, sprawled on the bed and the floor, legs and arms intermingling, tongues, fingers and vibrators being used liberally, the moans and groans of exotic Sapphic lovemaking filling the air.

One particular game came to mind. Jasmine would shut off the lights and invite anyone who had never attended a sex party before but willing to take part to climb under the sheets of a bed. Jasmine would then get into the bed herself and would use her tongue on each of the girls. It wasn’t long before they were fully blown participants giving as good as they got.

But why would Jasmine sleep with me? The answer as usual quickly presented itself. I would have to undertake my most cunning plan and most incredible disguise ever. I would need to become a woman. I would need an invitation to a party, but it had to be a party where I was the only sex party virgin present so that I could enjoy Jasmine’s company alone. I was confident of my tongue technique and knew that once I had her moaning in orgasmic ecstasy it would be but a short step to my satisfaction.

To be continued.

Thankfully Doctor Sex’s practice is located in London so the beautiful visiting escorts of Bedford escorts, Biggleswade Escorts and Sandy Escorts are safe from his devious machinations! For a beautiful and beguiling busty escort give us a call.

I don’t know about you but for me the Doctor’s erotic adventures more than rival our own – Erotic Adventures, a hot and sexy read.