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Erotic Adventures

Jasmine gets her teeth into Ange

3rd June 2011

Getting an invitation to one of Jasmine’s secret sex parties turned out to be remarkably simple – it just required money as I bribed one of her friends, Helen, to mention me, introducing me as her new girl friend. I am blessed with androgynous features and a slim frame so my transformation from handsome doctor to pretty party girl wasn’t all that difficult, though the wig was rather uncomfortable – thankfully I had been able to hire it, a wig of this quality was expensive indeed.

I quite enjoyed wriggling into the underwear, it was like a secret thrill playing out the game with such attention to detail. And my biography was perfect – I was a virgin on the lesbian scene and I had never been to a sex party. I could tell that Jasmine was totally hooked.

What I couldn’t arrange with any certainty though was that I would be the only new girl at the party, and to a certain extent I could see that the under the blankets in a darkened room game didn’t really work with only two in the bed! As it happens it didn’t matter in the end – there was another new girl at the party, Angelica, or Ange as she liked to be known. I was smitten – she was a sensational blonde looker, with an overt sexiness. You could tell that she would be up for anything and as Helen confided in me, she was a bi-sexual and still enjoyed sleeping with men as well as women. That didn’t go down great with some of the more hard core sisters but for me it was a godsend.

I spent much of the evening working on Ange. I could see that she was intrigued by me – perhaps she had seen through my disguise? It had been difficult in conversations but I tried to say as little as possible and thankfully, with the dimmed lighting, all of the kissing and pleasuring that was going on throughout the evening and with the music so loud it could burst your ear drums it hadn’t been too difficult to stay in-cognito. And more importantly Ange was proving highly receptive to my charms and I knew that at some point I had to confide in her so I just grabbed the most opportune moment and quickly explained my game plan. This was a make or break moment in my effort to seduce the gorgeous Jasmine.

To be continued.

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