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Kiss me Kate

22nd February 2011

The see through dress as worn by Kate Middleton in a fashion show whilst she studied at St Andrews University has been put up for sale on eBay. The see through creation caused quite a stir when photographers were published in a number of tabloid and broadsheet newspapers following Kate’s engagement to Prince William.

The dress is a strapless number, with a turquoise fringe interlaced with a blue ribbon tie and a narrow turquoise band around the top. The see through fabric is a sheer black lace with an intricate pattern. It is a close fitting and highly revealing garment.

It’s expected that the dress will fetch over ten thousand pounds at auction which suggests to me that the old adage ‘a fool and his money are easily parted’ is true though I guess it depends on the intentions of the purchaser. For me, it’s only value is as an appetiser for the main course contained within. Nothing new there then! For others it may take pride of place on a mannequin in some mid terrace living room or some upper crust drawing room. It may be that some enterprising entrepreneur sees a quick buck in buying the dress and displaying it in a pub or a club or indeed of keeping it until a little closer or just after the big day then cashing in on the wedding furore.

Certainly the dress is striking and though not a royalist myself I would have to say ‘I would’ when looking at the picture. If I were William I would be buying it myself and insisting on the missus wearing it every other night on pain of spending a bit of time in the tower if she refuses. Though I mean no offence ma’am and please don’t send over the beefeaters to sort me out, nor the corgis if you please. But she does look tasty in the photo...

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One funny thing about the sale is that the seller, the frock’s original designer, Charlotte Todd had recently stated that she would gladly exchange the dress for a ticket to the royal wedding. Now that it’s gone on eBay are we to think no wedding invitation has been forthcoming?

It’s a funny old business this old photographs turning up when you least want them to, creating embarrassment for the prospective in laws and your own parents. God forbid if those photographs of me with the whips, chains, poodles and masking tape ever get out... But that’s another story for another day and I’ll probably be penning it in the custody of gentlemen wearing doublet and hose and ruffs if I’m not careful!

Long live the Queen!