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Kit-ty phone home

28th March 2011

Aliens exist and they are cat like creatures I can exclusively confirm today. Stock up on cat litter, milk and whiskers because when these extra terrestrials trip into town the only way to save yourself is to be prepared as my old scout master used to say...

Air traffic controllers in Yakutsk, near Siberia in Eastern Russia, reported hearing a meow like sound emanating from an unidentified flying object flying at speeds in excess of six thousand miles per hour and travelling at a height of sixty four thousand nine hundred feet. After the craft appeared on the radar screens one of the air traffic controllers then attempted to make contact with the craft.

He reported hearing a woman’s voice apparently saying ‘meow’ over and over again.

The answer seems purrfectly simple to me (oh, that was an awful pun, Ed.) Given that when we first began our efforts at space travel we sent chimps and dogs into space I think it’s clear that this is an alien experiment in advance of an alien manned flight to earth. They are clearly testing out their technology and pretty soon, War of The Worlds stylee, they will be here in numbers with big guns, or lasers or whatever terrorising our cities and sucking out the juice from our bodies via a straw like device. The invasion is bound to happen sooner or later. Or not.

The unidentified craft did not have a flight number and it is clearly seen on the radar screen travelling at amazing speeds, shooting past other aircraft that are visible on the monitors. The craft was not known to have landed so purrhaps (not again, Ed.) we have been lucky this time or maybe we were but a whisker (that’s enough already! Ed.) away from disaster.

The ‘craft’ at one point rapidly changed direction which seems to rule out any natural phenomena and this allied to the radio contact make this an extremely interesting event. Of course many ufologists claim that we have been visited many times by extra terrestrials and there is simply a government and industrial complex cover up of the fact. Reasons behind keeping it secret include not wanting to panic the public, an interest in keeping the new technologies secret so that certain countries get a military and an industrial lead in new technologies or that there is an occupation underway. That strange neighbour of yours, how can you be sure they are not ET? Try chucking a glass of water over them; it worked in the movie Signs.

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