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3rd July 2012

The new Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ is out this autumn and as usual every red blooded male has been on the edge of their bed waiting to see who the sexy new Bond girl will be. Well the wait is over as pictures have been released to the press revealing the hot French actress Berenice Malohe in all her glory. The slim and toned brunette looks great in her skimpies, as sexy as a visiting escort from Bedfordshire escorts. She has the most delicious pout and haunting hazel eyes and her thick, long, luscious hair is ever so enticing. No doubt Bond will bed the sexy young girl at the earliest opportunity! And then something bad will happen if the plot of the last twenty films is anything to go by!

When I asked the English escorts and European escorts at Luton escorts who their favourite Bond girls have been over the years the usual names emerged, Brit Ekland, Halle Berry, Ursula Andress and Eva Green amongst them. My personal favourite is Kim Basinger in ‘Never Say Never Again’, especially the scene where she is dressed in a flimsy see through camisole – that girl gives me reason to live as the sexy striptease song in nine and a half weeks attests. Being bi-sexual I also have an opinion on the Bond actors themselves and whilst I lust after Daniel Craig’s six pack I have a thing for the original spy, Sean Connery. Again, I was an odd man out as nearly every other visiting escort at Bedfordshire escorts went for Craig, though one blonde escort was hot for Pierce Brosnan. Sorry Roger but it was a case of nil points in your case, must have been those dashing nineteen seventies safari jackets that did for you.

Not all Bond girls are chosen for their natural acting ability (Denise Richards anyone?) so the jury is out on whether Berenice will do the business. But if we get to see in half as hot a pose as that in the Daily Mirror today then I think most of us will not complain! I can see it now: a sun kissed beach at dusk, the crashing surf, a beautiful babe emerges from the warm sea wearing only the tiniest of bikinis, a dagger strapped to her right thigh and a scuba mask in her left hand… “Quite a view” says Bond, looking into her eyes, the audience fully aware of the pun… “But I bet it’s even better underneath…”

The only bad news is that the fruity French filly has revealed that there will not be any nudity in the movie, a blow to her male and female fans alike. She says that for her ‘this is the best way’ but we beg to differ Berenice, if you’ve got it, flaunt it we say…