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Living Life in the Fast Lane

2nd March 2011

Some good news at last! I read today that government bods are looking at raising the speed limit on our motorways to an incredible, heart stopping eighty miles an hour. Living in England I didn’t even think the human body was capable of withstanding such speeds and the associated g-forces! Only joking, it’s just that we always seem to be behind continental Europe. Loads of countries across Europe have at least a seventy five or eighty miles per hour speed limit. The original speed limit here was set in the sixties when it was an amazing thing if a car could even reach seventy miles an hour! When you think of the modern car and its array of safety features such as anti lock braking, traction and stability control, modern tyre construction and design, air bags, power steering and assisted braking, safety glass, anti-submarining seatbelts, crumple zones, crash testing, halogen lighting, stricter testing for new drivers, disc brakes etc etc it is actually a bleeding disgrace that it has taken this long for someone to want to tackle the issue.

But of course the issue has been raised not because it makes sense in respect of a car design point of view. Nope, it has been raised because that extra speed will make the country ‘more productive’ with white van man and lorry drivers getting from A-Z that much quicker. Whatever, I’m just glad that it is at least being considered.

Having driven a lot in Europe I find many of our road attitudes difficult to understand. There seems to be a copper around every corner looking to pull you over for doing eighty. Yet statistics show that road deaths are mostly on country lanes – you are far more likely to have a serious accident on an A or a B road than on a motorway. In two thousand and nine there were one hundred and thirty two deaths on motorways – against over two thousand on non motorway roads. One death is too many but surely the fact that this is one of the lowest figures for decades and yet the number of motorway users has increased massively since the nineteen sixties is telling us that car manufacturers have done the business, safety wise and it’s time for us to be able to legally drive at eighty rather than drive at eighty anyway and hope not to get caught. What do you think? Am I wrong? Should the seventy miles per hour restriction remain?

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