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Erotic Adventures

Love is the drug for Hyde

5th September 2011

Dr Jekyll awoke in his laboratory with no concept of the six missing hours he had spent as his alter ego, Mr Hyde. He did not recognise the gaudy clothing and when he examined his coat pockets he was simultaneously alarmed and amused at the find of two pairs of ladies panties, one made from a ravishing black silk and the other pair a plain white but ultra arousing at the same time. Hyde certainly lived the sexual high life thought Jekyll but even as he did so he felt a pang of loss and anger darken his mood. Why was it Hyde and not Jekyll who could act with such alacrity and desire. Why was it the fiend and not the good man who could enjoy the lusty attentions of so many beautiful, desirable and hot young women? If he could not enjoy servicing these wenches even vicariously as Hyde then what was the point?

But he knew that it would not be long before he would have to imbibe the transformative elixir once more. He could already feel the beads of sweat, the hole in the pit of his stomach, the shaking hands and the weak knees. He was an addict and he needed his fix of the potion just as Hyde would then need his fill of women – lots of them, young, nubile, preferably sweet and innocent young things that he could corrupt and from whom he could release their own demons. Once their eyes had been opened to the possibilities of sex, its terrifying power that could destroy or create, its debasing freedom, uninhibited and unleashed... the possibilities for satisfaction were endless, either through using others or through a sexual connection with a like minded soul.

Danielle had followed Hyde into the dark alleyway at the Eastern end of Whitechapel and had seen him dart into a cobbled side street. By the time she got there she saw only a dark empty, rubbish strewn road. Gingerly stepping into the blackness she inched her way along step by step and then noticed the door at the foot of some stone steps, a small, hidden heavy wooden door. It was ajar. In Hyde’s haste to get away from the House of Sin he had rushed in and left it unlocked. Danielle pushed at the heavy door and it emitted a loud creak as it began to swing back on its hinges. Dare she follow?

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Tomorrow in this erotic adventure – innocent Danielle pushes her carnal boundaries as she learns the sexy truth about Dr Jekyll and the libertine Mr Hyde.