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Erotic Adventures

Lucy 4

14th April 2011

It wasn’t to work out that way and Lucy amply demonstrated the veracity of her position when I bumped into her near the harbour a day later. She was with another guy, a young man of perhaps twenty seven or twenty eight. Lucy suggested we all get a beer and during the conversation over drinks Lucy suggested we all go out on the boat. I was unsure what to say. If she was with this other guy – his name was Miguel, he was Spanish and had the body, six pack included, of a professional sportsman - then there was little chance of any sex. But then, had she told him about us and did that mean she was planning something? A threesome at sea perhaps? Too much to hope for if not wish for! At the end of the day I had nothing to lose, at worst this would be a short jaunt around the waters for an hour or two, at best I would be taking Lucy once again, enjoying her toned and beautiful body.

A short while out to sea and the drink was once again flowing. Lucy was wearing a white linen shirt and no bikini top underneath – the brown rings of her aureole clearly shone through the thin fabric of her blouse, her erect nipples a constant source of excitement to me. She wore a flowing linen skirt in hooped, subdued colours. Her leather flip flop style sandals complemented the outfit along with a pretty hair clip and leather wrist bands. She looked delectable and delicious and too much for me. I wanted her so badly.

We were all getting pretty tipsy and then Miguel, who was loud, shouty and in my jealous eyes just a child leapt up and dived over the side into the sea. He was interfering with my plans to have Lucy once more but perhaps this was my chance? I approached Lucy and wrapped my arms around her but I sensed that it wasn’t to be. “Let’s just have a fun time as friends” she said and for a moment I suspected her of using me to enjoy a day on the boat at sea but then she looked me in the face and her big, brown, honest eyes told me all that I needed to know. Lucy was a fun loving girl. Lucy was a free spirited, sexually liberated and independent young woman, enjoying the physical satisfaction that no strings sex brought her, not looking to tie herself down to one man or any man. It wouldn’t have surprised me if she had also enjoyed steamy relationships with female partners.

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