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Erotic Adventures

Lucy and the Med 3

13th April 2011

I took all of this as the sign that I needed to make my inevitable move on the luscious, sexy, wild and free spirit Lucy. I climbed the ladder back onto the boat and then I helped Lucy, reaching down to give her a hand but as she stepped on to the boat I pulled her close and began kissing her forcefully. Lucy returned my ardour and soon we were kissing passionately, our tongues competing to devour the other. I pulled Lucy down on top of the deck and she lay there, a spectacular vision of soft and yielding flesh. I ran my tongue over my midriff, tasting the salt of the sea and Lucy herself. I descended further and licked her sensitive area, vigorously and at length. Lucy’s moans echoed across the surface of the sea as she came loudly and repeatedly.

Then Lucy turned me over and began to concentrate her efforts on my manhood. She licked and flicked her tongue, used her fingers well and blew soft air across my head, bringing me close to orgasm. My back arched as she expertly played my body. When I couldn’t get any larger or stiffer she sat astride me and I entered her. Lucy rocked back and forth, slowly enjoying the sensations and throwing her hair back in abandon. I looked up at her young, beautiful, unsullied face and I admired her pert breasts, as soft and nubile as could be, a delight to the dual senses of sight and touch.

Our love making seemed to last an eternity and it was fiery, passionate and abandoned. We were wild animals, two creatures rocking on the swell of the sea, desperate to enjoy all that the other could give. Lucy was insatiable and severely tested my stamina; I was after all almost a good thirty years older than my young love.

When we could make love no more, physical exertion having exhausted our bodies if not the sensual centres of our minds, Lucy suggested that we head for port. I asked if she would like to stay over on the boat and she said no, she wasn’t looking for anything heavy relationship wise, the sex was great, let’s leave it at that. We could be friends.

The dreaded words that no guy wants to hear – we could be friends. I wanted her physically. I wasn’t foolish enough to think that there was a long term, marriage and kids thing going on but I didn’t see any reason why I could not enjoy that stunning and ravishing young body at least one more time. But how and when was the problem.

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