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Erotic Adventures

Lucy in the Med 2

12th April 2011

I made a lame joke about having to stop meeting like this unless we had private healthcare and risked suggesting we get a coffee somewhere. She agreed and so we began to get to know each other better. Lucy was on her own, her friend (who had worked as a visiting escort in Sandy) had met someone and abandoned her without any compunction. She didn’t mind as she was enjoying ‘finding herself’, though she had gotten a bit lonely the night before. Cue my chance to offer to take her out for a meal that evening.

But instead one thing led to another and morning coffee soon turned into mid morning drinks and when I suggested we bought a bottle of Cava and go out in the boat she surprisingly agreed without any hesitation.

Out at Sea Lucy was in her element. As she stood holding on to a sail rope with one hand and running the other through her soft and gorgeous hair I admired her silhouette. She was well toned and rounded at the same time. In particular her ass was firm and round and breasts were pert, nubile and desirable. I ached to enjoy her and thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long.

Well into the bottle of Cava and Lucy began to dance on deck, swaying slowly and twirling her fabulous body. If it wasn’t hot enough already in the Spanish sun then my temperature was surely rising fit to burst. She then did something surprising. I was laying back on the desk, drink in hand, my white shirt open at the chest and the sleeves rolled up, my chinos rolled up to my knees. Lucy stood directly in front of me and slowly stripped. First she undid her bikini top, loosening the strings at the back and letting it fall at my feet. Then she slid down her tight trunk style pants. She transfixed me with her gaze, which was full of longing and desire. There was a fire in her eyes.

I stood up and reached out to her but she just laughed, turned and asked “would you like to swim?” There were many things on my mind that I wanted to do at that moment but swimming hadn’t been one of them.

Of course I said yes and quickly I too was stark bullock naked and diving off the bow off the boat into the sparkling blue cool waters of the Med. We frolicked and laughed, occasionally getting hold of one another. After about twenty minutes the cold of the water had begun to bite. I suggested we get back on board and she said yes, that would be good, I need warming up.

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