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Erotic Adventures

Lucy in the Med part 1

11th April 2011

The sailboat drifted aimlessly across the blue waters of the warm Mediterranean Sea. The voluminous sails were withdrawn, the motor silent. The pristine white profile of the vessel reflected the sun and light danced and sparkled across the clean lines of the boat. Lucy lay across my lap, her fingers brushed the surface of the sea. Surfer girl Lucy, my latest love, a wild bohemian spirit backpacking across Europe enjoying spirited, wild adventures as she travelled and I was her latest fling.

It had been a long time since I had been in the company of a woman. Following a divorce I had kept a low profile before eventually dating busty escorts from Bedford, Henlow and Dunstable.

We had met innocently enough, picking up a few groceries in the Spanish Mercado in the resort where we were staying. Lucy had a cheap apartment above a row of tourist shops; I was staying on a friend’s yacht. A small boat, very modest really but I guess to many it would seem a decadent, exotic and luxurious lifestyle.

Lucy dropped an avocado and I of course obliged by picking it up. I flirted with the hot girl in front of me more in hope than expectation. She was clearly no more than twenty or twenty one years of age, I was nearing fifty. She was perfectly toned and in her surfer girl threads, skin tight shorts and Billabong tops, all flowing locks of strawberry blonde hair and long legs that stretched on forever. I couldn’t help but fantasise about her legs, and more to the point, her legs wrapped around me. But as I said, it was hardly likely that she would show any interest in me and she didn’t. I passed her the fruit and she smiled sweetly, threw back her head, turned and left.

Two days later however and I was excited to see Lucy again entering the mini supermarket as I walked across the jetty from the boat. I made a point of engineering an opportunity to speak again to the goddess. As we exited the shop we had to make way for a large Spanish woman (whom I was sure gave me a look, as if to say, she’s much too old for you...) and as a result our shopping bags got entwined and it took a few seconds of tugging and laughing before we freed them again.

We looked at each other and I was sure that some sort of connection had been made. My mind ran through half a dozen alternatives, all of them ending with us in bed. I hoped that I hadn’t misread things...

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